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Game Stray Come Out

When Does the Game Stray Come Out

Good News! Stray is already out, and it is your turn to join the many players worldwide, enjoying the fantastic gameplay features and storylines. If you have managed to take on the Stray adventure, you’ve realized how exciting and authentic the game is. This is the case, especially for cat lovers who get an opportunity to take on an actual cat’s role in the modern world.

There is much to talk about the game, from its Stray release time to gameplay options. There are no spoilers here for those who haven’t tried it out yet; feel free to read along to the end.

How Much Does Stray Cost?

Players can test their mystery-solving abilities with Stray, available for PS4, PS5, and PC. The game goes for around $30, which is almost half the price point of other games, which go for about $60.

It is also important to mention that the game is free; Stray charges no fees for Premium Subscribers, the top-most tier in the PlayStation Plus. If you are a premium user, you have the benefit of effortlessly making in-game purchases. For other users, the game is not generally free.

If you want to enjoy the free Stray version, you should get prepared to spend $13.49 per month, $39.99 per month, or $99.99 per month for the Premium package.

When Does The Video Game Stray Come Out?

Stray came out on July 19th, 2022, and the game is available for PC, PS5, and PS4. We first got access to the game’s features thanks to the official trailer released by Cyberpunk Cat. This is where we got an idea of the game’s main direction, the main character, cities, puzzles, and many more.

All the spookiness and mysterious adventures lived up to our expectations, and the gameplay is terrific. One new Stray approach most gamers love is the ability of the cat to meet new characters.

What Is Stray’s Gameplay Like?

Stray is more of an exploration. If you love checking out new places, taking on new quests, and solving mysterious puzzles, Stray will put your intuitive abilities to the test. The game’s main character is a cat who spends most of the time on the rooftops trying to solve mysteries. One of the tasks is using a bucket to get past a deadly spinning fan on its way.

The trailer shows the cat using a paint bucket to break a window and access a building. These are some of the puzzles to expect in Stray. However, the provided example is among the simple tasks, and there are more complicated ones. The sophisticated adventures will require you to interact with other characters and use specific items to complete.

Apart from the puzzle-solving storylines, Stray is all about the action. There are action-filled segments, and depending on the environment, you should either run or use the available items to defeat the enemies. For instance, the trailer shows how you can use a cart to eliminate deadly enemies quickly. The idea behind all these tasks, the puzzle-solving mysteries and action areas, is to involve your wits and stay at the top of every situation.

So, what is the story behind the cat?

We do not wish to spoil the game for anyone who hasn’t tried it. Therefore, we will give an overview to get the idea behind Stray’s story.

Stray is about a cat’s mysterious story; the cat gets separated from its family and ends up in a decaying city. The cat has to find a way to co-exist with the unfriendly environment as it tries to figure out a way back home.

Along its journey, it becomes friends with a drone, and the two must work together to escape. This means they have to interact with various characters in the city who will aid in their mission. Their adventures lead to problems and situations which require them to solve the puzzle.

Is Stray’s Story Customizable?

One thing BlueTwelve is trying to ensure with the new Stray game is to present the cat world realistically. The game is open-world; however, you should expect certain restrictions. For instance, there are particular doors you can’t open and various open spaces you can’t access.

The good news is that there are some in-game customization options. However, there are no full cat customization options. There are various items and equipment to use to customize your character, but there are no complete customization options that allow you to recreate your avatar.

The Bottom Line

Stray takes us to a future where we can take on a cat’s role and explore the underground world. The game takes you to the streets of a brutal city, and you have to use your wits to avoid the many dangers. If you’re wondering about its release date, the good news is that it is out, and you can use this guide to get an idea of what it costs and what to expect. 

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