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What Skins Do I Have League of Legends?

League of Legends has over 150 champions and 1250 plus champion skins. The champions change into these skins, which feature various characteristics. For instance, skin can change a champion’s appearance, voice, spell-casting abilities, animations, etc.

The game has various types of skins, such as over 200 Chroma skins which alter the champion’s color loadout. There are also more than 100 Ward skins which alter the looks of the wards in the game. Therefore, below is a comprehensive guide to help you understand the available skins in League of Legends.

League of Legends Skin Database

League of Legends features over 1,00 skins, and Riot Games keeps releasing more during events and holidays. Their latest release was the additional 12 skins in December and another 12 in January. Therefore, keeping track of all available LoL skins which fall under the Champion skins, Chroma skins, Limited Skins, and Legacy skins can be tiresome.

LoL Legacy Skins List

LoL is a hub of various skins, and among them are the Legacy Skins. These skins are rare, and players can’t find or purchase them at the store. Riot Games makes them available in bundles during special events.

We can classify the available Legacy skins into five categories:

  1. Traditional Skins

These are skins created by Riot Games to create and preserve the original state and feeling of the reworked champion. Riot Games gave any player who had a champion before their rework their traditional skin, such as Traditional Karma, Traditional Sejuani, and Traditional Trundle.

  1. World Game Event Skins

League of Legends holds various events annually, and players who participate receive the respective event skins. For instance, players who participated in the World Cup 2010 received the GoalKeeper Blitzcrank, All-Star Akali, Striker Ezreal, and Red Card Katarina skins.

  1. Event Skins

Other small events and holidays also feature various Legacy skins. Most of these options were limited skins; however, Riot Games turned them into Legacy skins. Some Legacy skins made available during the 2017 holidays include Death Sworn Viktor, Death Sworn Zed, and Death Sworn Katarina.

Most Legacy skins cost above 520 RP, and you can purchase them through Haxtech Crafting and Mystery Gifting. After acquiring them, Legacy skins only appear on the champion’s info tab.

  1. Riot Skins

Riot skins become available after a player meets a Rioter or attends a Riot event. These skins become temporarily available during the events, and they include the following:

  • Riot K9 Nasus
  • Riot Graves
  • Riot Blitzcrank
  • Riot Kayle.
  1. ESports Skins

The final Legacy skin category features the Esport Skins, which become available during the ESports competition. These skins commemorate the victorious team at each World final. They vary yearly, and some Esport Skins include:

  • SKT T1 Olaf
  • SKT T1 Ekko
  • SSG Ezreal
  •  Championship Ashe
  • Challenger Ahri
  • Conqueror Varus, etc.

Can You Get Free Skins in League of Legends?

Yes. You can get some LoL skins for free since not all are for sale. Some of these skins are obtainable by grinding or crafting them in-game. Players can also win various LoL skins for free after completing specific tasks.

For instance, you will get a free skin if you invite your friends, level to a new account, win freebies, participate in the giveaway, or participate in world LoL events. You can access these free and any other available skin in your collection tab. This tab is accessible by opening your Client > Collection Tab > Champions tab.

How Much Do League of Legends Skins Cost?

Players must purchase skins to make their champions more appealing and increase their status and prestige. These skins do not improve or alter a champion’s strength and abilities. The available skins are sold in 5 tiers, and each will cost you a certain amount of Riot points.

Skins vary, and some can be very expensive, especially the newly released skins. For instance, there are Ultimate skins which cost a lot, and there are the basic options which are easy to buy. Here is a quick guide to show you how much you will spend to acquire any of the League of Legends skins:

  1. Regular Skins cost 975 RP or lower, which translates to about $9.75.
  2. The Epic Skin Category costs 1350 RP, which is about $10.
  3. Legendary Skins cost more, 1820 RP translating to about $14.
  4. Ultimate Skins are the most expensive, and they cost 3250 RP, which is about $25.

Some skins become available in the shops for a short period, known as Limited Edition skins. These skins include Championship Riven, King Rammus, UFO Corki, and Rusty Blitzcrank.

The Bottom Line

The list of available skins in League of Legends is endless, meaning numerous customizable options exist for champions. These skins improve one’s gaming experience and are customizable to match a player’s preference. Therefore, if you want to purchase a skin in LoL, use the guide above to walk you through the important steps. 

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