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Why Is Lol More Popular Than Dota?

Numbers never lie if we compare League of Legends to Dota, LoL outperforms Dota in almost all aspects. League of Legends has about 70 million fans worldwide, and Dota 2 has about 45 million, making LoL the most popular game.

We took it upon ourselves to answer why is LoL more popular than Dota Reddit users asked. The two game titles are excellent MOBA games, and there is no significant difference between League of Legends and Dota. This review is here to highlight the reasons why most players prefer League of Legends.

Dota 2 Vs League of Legends

Dota 2 and League of Legends are two different games dominating the gaming world. The two have different gameplays, storylines, and controls; thus, we don’t expect them to be similar. However, League of Legends is the number one option, and we are here to understand why LoL is better than Dota.

If we were to make a quick comparison between the two, League of legends has a higher preference rate than Dota 2. According to our poll, most players loved LoL because it is user-friendly and easier to get a hold of the game basics. This was the primary determinant for most when we asked the question. LoL is more beginner-friendly and generally easier.

The easier game mechanics in League of Legends make the gaming experience pleasant. LoL then gradually introduces gamers to the more challenging levels. The good thing is once the player gets a basic game understanding and is hooked to the gameplay, it is easier to progress to the more demanding levels.     

Why Is Lol More Popular Than Dota 2

Some of the factors which make League of Legends have a bigger fan base than Dota 2 include;

1. League of Legends came out first. Therefore, Riot Games had more time to amaze gamers with their great release and win the hearts of players who enjoy multiplayer online games. League of Legends has dominated since 2009; however, this doesn’t make a huge difference. This is because we have seen game titles top charts in their launch year.

2. League of Legends is also casual-friendly. It is the easiest option of the two. Dota 2 is one of the most challenging games in the market. Its mechanism is more complicated, and players must use many keys to control their characters in Dota 2.

3. Riot Games does an exceptional job marketing its game to potential games. We saw the game join the ESports feature in its 3rd season. The results of this move were evident as the game received a huge player base.

4. LoL is versatile. One trick the development team at Riot Games is making is making the game versatile. The team makes regular updates making the game accessible to a wide range of players. Dota, on the other hand, uses the original gameplay, and there is no significant Dota vs Dota 2 difference.

5. Another potential reason for League of Legends’ higher popularity is its low system requirements. LoL is less demanding since it can run on a 2-GHz processor. Dota 2’s minimum system requirement is at least a 3 GHz processor.

6. LoL also has better graphics and is more appealing to gamers. Various brightly-coloured game elements give League of Legends a friendlier look. Dota 2 has a darker theme, another factor that makes many prefer League of Legends.

The Bottom Line

Considering the number of active players, League of Legends outperforms Dota. LoL is easy-to-play, making it easier for a new gamer to try it out. It also has short sessions; one can put their controller down after a 30-minute play. There are many other reasons, all listed above. 

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