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Will Baldur’s Gate 3 Feature Local Split-Screen Co-Op?

Hey, gamers! Hold on to your controllers because Baldur’s Gate 3 is about to get even more exciting! In its most recent trailer, the game has revealed a new feature that is sure to make you and your friends happy. That’s right, the local split-screen co-op is finally coming to Baldur’s Gate 3! Developed by Larian Studios, the game’s full release date is now set for August 2023, and it’s coming with some exciting new characters and features. So, are you ready to team up with your friends and face the challenges of the game together? Keep reading to find out all the details!

Sony State of Play Event and Baldur’s Gate 3 New Features Revealed

At the recent Sony State of Play event, Larian Studios revealed new features for the upcoming Baldur’s Gate 3 game. The release date was confirmed for August 31, 2023, and the RPG will now also be available on PlayStation 5. The game will have split-screen co-op, allowing players to enjoy the title with their friends on the same device, and cross-progression between the various platforms.

Additionally, the Digital Deluxe Edition was announced, which includes a digital OST, artbook, and Dungeons and Dragons character sheets. Finally, the Collector’s Edition was revealed, which will contain a cloth map, an art book, and an amazing statue of a mind flayer and drow battling.

Understanding the Key Differences Between Baldur’s Gate 3’s Online Multiplayer and Couch Co-Op

Baldur’s Gate 3 features both online multiplayer and local co-op, but there are some notable differences between the two modes.

Firstly, online multiplayer allows for up to four players to join a single game, while local co-op is currently limited to just two players. This means that online multiplayer can offer a more social experience with a larger group of friends, whereas local co-op is more suited to playing with just one other person.

Another difference between online multiplayer and local co-op in Baldur’s Gate 3 is the need for additional equipment. To play local co-op, players will need multiple controllers connected to the same device, whereas online multiplayer only requires each player to have their own device and copy of the game. However, players on console platforms, such as PS5, will need an active PlayStation Plus membership to access online multiplayer, whereas local co-op does not require any additional subscriptions.

The split-screen nature of local co-op also creates some differences in gameplay compared to online multiplayer. The shared screen means that players cannot hide any information from each other, such as their inventory or map, which may impact strategic planning during battles. Additionally, the split-screen mode is not expected to be available until the full release of Baldur’s Gate 3, which may limit its accessibility for some players during the early access phase.

Despite these differences, both online multiplayer and local co-op offers rewarding ways to experience Baldur’s Gate 3 with friends. Players who enjoy socializing with larger groups may prefer online multiplayer, while those who prefer a more intimate co-op experience can opt for local play. With cross-save support across all platforms, players can also easily transfer their progress between the two modes. Ultimately, the choice between online multiplayer and local co-op will depend on personal preferences and circumstances.

How Does Baldur’s Gate 3 Multiplayer Work?

Baldur’s Gate 3 offers an immersive multiplayer experience for fans of the Dungeons and Dragons tabletop game. In multiplayer, up to four players can embark on the adventure together. While one player can talk to an NPC at a time, others can listen in on the conversation and vote on dialogue prompts, allowing everyone to have a say in how the encounter progresses.

Combat in Baldur’s Gate 3 uses initiative, which means players take turns like any other Dungeons and Dragons encounter. Friendly fire is allowed in the game, so players need to be careful not to hit their teammates both in and out of combat. Players can even pickpocket each other, provided they succeed on a skill check. If a fellow player is not revived in time, their items can be looted from their corpse.

Baldur’s Gate 3 also offers a solo campaign with the functionality to invite friends to join in at any time. The easiest way to invite friends is through Direct Connection or Open to Friends Only options, which allow players to go into the Steam friend list and invite friends or give them a code to join. Once a friend joins, they’ll take the role of a party member in the group.

How To Start a Multiplayer Game

Baldur’s Gate 3 offers players the option to play co-op with friends, either online or locally with a split-screen. Here is a step-by-step table to starting a multiplayer game online in Baldur’s Gate 3:

1Click on the Multiplayer button from the main menu.
2Click on the Create button to make a lobby.
3Set the “Who can join your game” setting to Invitation Only or Friends Only.
4Click on the empty player boxes to invite players from your Steam friends list or send the Server ID to friends.
5Press Launch to start the game with your friends.
6Adjust character assignments if a player disconnects.
7Save the game at any time, and load one of those saves to resume the game later.
8Press Escape and open the Session menu to open the lobby to invites, invite other players, and assign them control of their characters once they connect.
Baldur’s Gate 3 Step-By Step Multiplayer Instructions

With these instructions, players can easily start their co-op game and enjoy Baldur’s Gate 3 with their friends.

If a player disconnects during the game, control of their character will be assigned to someone who is still connected. The host can adjust character assignments by hitting Escape and opening the Session menu.

To save and resume a co-op game, the host can save the game at any time. To resume the game later, the host must load one of those saves, just like they would if they were loading a single-player game. Once in the game, the host should press Escape and open the Session menu. From there, they can hit the Settings button at the top right and open the lobby to invites. After that, they can invite the other players and use the up and down arrows to assign them control of their characters once they connect.

In Conclusion

Baldur’s Gate 3 is set to offer an exciting multiplayer experience for RPG fans. With both online multiplayer and couch co-op options, players can choose the best way to enjoy the game with friends. Online multiplayer will support up to four players and require a PlayStation Plus membership on PS5, while couch co-op is limited to two players and will require multiple controllers. Regardless of the chosen method, Baldur’s Gate 3 promises to deliver an immersive RPG experience with its unique Dungeons & Dragons mechanics. So gather your friends, create your characters, and embark on an epic adventure together in Baldur’s Gate 3.

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