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Will Diablo 4 Have a Couch Co-Op?

Hey, gamers! Are you ready to get cozy with your friends and dive into the world of Diablo 4? Well, you’re in luck because Blizzard has announced that the Open Beta will include couch co-op play! That’s right, you and your buddies can grab some snacks, throw on your comfiest pajamas, and slay demons together from the comfort of your own couch. But how does it work, and what kind of XP bonus can you expect? Keep reading to find out and get ready to experience the Fractured Peaks region of Sanctuary like never before!

What Are Couch Co-Op Games?

Couch co-op games are a type of multiplayer video game that allows players to gather in the same room and play together on the same screen. Unlike online multiplayer games, couch co-op games prioritize local play and face-to-face interaction, making them a great option for those looking to enjoy games with friends and family IRL. These games require cooperation between players to achieve a common goal, which is often the key to success. Although couch co-op games have become less common in recent years, there are still many titles available that fall into this category. And guess what? Diablo 4 will have this feature, so you and your buddies can dive into the action and work together to slay demons. Cooperation is key in couch co-op games, and it’ll make your play experience even better.

Diablo 4: Couch Co-Op Requirements For Open Beta

For players who want to experience the Diablo 4 Open Beta with a friend via couch co-op play, there are a few requirements that need to be met. Firstly, the feature is available on all consoles, including PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. One player will need to have access to the beta by preordering the game for the Early Access weekend, which ran from March 17 at 9 a.m. PST to March 20 at 12 p.m. PST. The second player must have their account and console-specific accounts linked. For the Diablo 4 Open Beta weekend for everyone, starting on March 24, players will still need a account with the console account linked, but no special pre-order access is required. Overall, the couch co-op feature in Diablo 4 provides an opportunity for players to team up and fight the hordes of the Burning Hells on one screen, offering a unique and engaging multiplayer experience for those playing the game in the same physical space.

Diablo 4: Co-Op Bonus XP

Hey there, fellow gamers! In Diablo 4, teamwork pays off big time. Players will be able to earn bonus experience (XP) by teaming up with others, including in the couch co-op mode. Being at a party with a friend in couch co-op mode will grant players a 5% bonus experience gain, and being near a party member will give a 10% bonus experience. Additionally, players in couch co-op mode will be able to invite other online players to their party, forming a group of up to four players and earning more bonus XP in the process. This emphasis on cooperative play and bonus XP rewards should incentivize players to team up and work together towards their goals in Diablo 4. Fans of the game can also check out the latest dev livestream update to get a sneak peek at the Open Beta, Stronghold, and the game’s Armor system.

Will Diablo 4 Have Couch Co-Op Functionality For PC?

Unfortunately, we have some bad news. Unlike the console versions of Diablo 4, the PC version will not have couch co-op functionality. Even on consoles, split-screen co-op is only limited to two players, whereas Diablo 3 allowed for up to four players.

In an interview with Eurogamer, Rod Fergusson, the general manager of Diablo, cited a “technology problem” as the reason for the lack of couch co-op in the PC version of the game. He explained that the issue is related to the challenge of having multiple accounts signed in on the same platform. Additionally, Fergusson mentioned that couch co-op was not considered for PC during the game’s development due to it being a lower priority when compared to the majority of couch co-op that occurs in front of a large TV. While it is uncertain if the issue is solvable within the game, Fergusson noted that more technology may be necessary for its implementation.

However, don’t fret too much, because all platforms will still support online multiplayer gaming for groups of up to four players. In fact, this is the recommended format for playing Diablo 4. So, gather your friends online and get ready to take on the hordes of demons together!

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How To Play Diablo 4 Couch Co-Op (Console Only)

Hey, console gamers! Ready to dive into couch co-op mode in Diablo 4? Here are the simple steps you need to follow to get started:

  1. Create two characters in Diablo 4, one for each player.
  2. Connect a second controller to your console and press its Start button.
  3. Have both players pick their respective characters.
  4. Select “Start Game,” and you’re ready to slay demons together!
    It’s that easy! With these instructions, players can jump right into the action with a friend and enjoy the cooperative gameplay that Diablo 4 has to offer.

Diablo 4: Multiplayer

In Diablo 4, you can join forces with other players to take on the hordes of monsters together. The always-online multiplayer system means that the game world is populated with other players, even outside towns, and just being near another player activates a +5% XP buff. If you’re at a party, you’ll receive an even sweeter 10% bonus to XP. Cross-play is also available, allowing you to team up with players across platforms, although it’s not available on Xbox Game Pass at this time. However, you can form a party online by opening the Game Menu and moving to the “Social” tab, where you can add friends and invite them to join your party. With multiplayer possibilities like these, you’ll have a blast taking down the minions of Lilith and saving humanity together!

Players will have the option to participate in shared raids and boss battles, but they can also choose to play the game solo. The game will continue to be a loot-based RPG, but with an emphasis on fast-paced action.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, Diablo 4 offers a variety of multiplayer options, including cross-platform play and the ability to form online parties with friends. The game also includes a couch co-op function that allows players to team up with a friend on the same console and earn XP bonuses for playing together. While the game’s always-online multiplayer system can lead to long queue times, players can disable cross-play if they prefer to play with others only on their platform. Overall, Diablo 4’s multiplayer functionality provides a fun and engaging way to take on the game’s dungeons and monsters with friends.

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