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Will Hogwarts Legacy Be On Steam?

Hogwarts Legacy is already out however, the big question for most PC gamers is, Is Hogwarts Legacy coming to Steam? You will be pleased to hear that the game will feature in the Windows gaming Client platform.

The game is already available for PS5 and Xbox Series X|S. PC users can also begin their wizarding adventures in the Forbidden lands. This review highlights everything you need to know about the game’s availability and answers all questions, such as will Hogwarts Legacy be available on Steam and Hogwarts Legacy Steam release date.

Is Hogwarts Legacy On Steam

Yes, Hogwarts Legacy will be available on Steam. PC gamers will adventure through the action-filled lands on their devices. The PC game version is already available for pre-order, and those who make their purchases will receive various in-game bonuses, items, and discounts.

Several e-game stores offer pre-orders, and the available game versions are the Standard and Deluxe Editions. These versions are currently selling at discounts at most stores, and we anticipate their prices to go about 10 dollars higher after the game’s official release.

Avalanche Software, the game developer, announced that the game would be on Steam, and we had to wait. Therefore, as we wait, it is best to check our devices and ensure that they meet the game’s minimum system requirements, which include the following;

  • Operating System – Windows 10
  • CPU – Intel Core i5 6600
  • RAM Memory – 16 GB
  • File Size – 85 GB
  • Graphics Card – NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980

However, if you wish for the game to run smoothly, with no lags or delays, it is best to ensure that your device meets the game’s recommended system requirements. They include;

  • Operating System – Windows 10
  • CPU – Intel Core i7 6700
  • RAM Memory – 32 GB
  • File Size – 85 GB
  • Graphics Card – NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060      

As you might have noticed, the game’s system requirements are demanding, and it is best to upgrade your machine before the launch. Avalanche Software did this to ensure you get the ultimate gaming experience as you expand your knowledge of the Harry Potter series.

If your device meets the minimum system requirements, you are safe. However, it is best to make some upgrades, significantly increasing your RAM. A PC with 32 GB RAM will support all Ultra settings and play the game at 4K resolution. The in-game visuals will be impressive while using a premium device.

Players who stick to the minimum requirements will also enjoy the game. The only challenge will be they will experience frame rate dips as they explore the magical lands. They might also experience game lags and issues, which can be frustrating. Therefore, observe the recommended system requirements if you want to avoid all this and effectively launch Hogwarts Legacy via Steam.

Will Hogwarts Legacy Be On Steam Deck

Hogwarts Legacy will officially be available on the Steam Deck from February 10th February 2023. This means PC gamers will freely download the game on Steam and begin their wizarding adventures. There is currently no option to download; however, we expect this to change after the official launch.

Early access is available if you are a true Harry Potter fan and can’t wait any longer. This access gives you an idea of what to expect and what the gameplay looks like. It is, however, limited, and there are storyline features players cannot access.

The Bottom Line

Some players have already begun their Hogwarts Legacy, and if you are a PC user, you will have to wait a little longer. The PC game version will be available on the Steam deck from February 10th, 2023. This is the time to prepare your devices as you await to explore the Forbidden Lands and interact with the powerful wizards. 

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