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Hogwarts Legacy Goblin

About Goblin in Hogwarts Legacy.

Avalanche Software recently launched the highly-anticipated Hogwarts Legacy, and fans couldn’t hide their excitement for the newest Harry Potter series game. The game takes players to a place these fans have never been to. It takes players to a time when the Harry Potter world faced the Goblin Rebellion.

The rebellion is new to many players, and if you have yet to learn what it entails, we’ve got you covered. Reading through this review before beginning your wizarding adventures is best to get a better idea of the Goblin Rebellion you are about to experience.

What Is the Goblin Rebellion Hogwarts Legacy Goblins?

Avalanche Software set Hogwarts Legacy in 1890 when there was the Goblin Rebellion. We can associate the Goblin Rebellion with modern-day racism. The 1890s was when goblins were discriminated against and treated less than the other wizards. The unequal treatment of the goblin then led to the Goblin Rebellion.

The History of the Goblin Rebellion.

The goblins possess magical abilities but cannot practice or hold a wand. The Ministry of Magic department is aware of the goblins’ huge abilities, which is why they closely monitor them to ensure they practice no magic. This strategy ensures that human wizards and witches remain the dominant force in the wizarding world.

Goblins received constant pressure from the department, and the unequal treatment later turned to prosecution. The goblins had enough of it all and decided to fight back. A lot was at stake, and the Ministry of Magic had to use all its power to ensure the goblins didn’t regain their freedom to practice magic.

The first Goblin Rebellion took place in 1612, and it started because the goblins lacked representation in the Wizengamot high court. Goblins used the Hogsmeade Broomsticks Inn as their headquarters during this rebellion.

Next Goblin Rebellion happened in 1752 and was more intense than any resistance. The rebellion took ten years and ended after the death of Vargot, the goblin’s leader. During the rebellion, various ministers in the Ministry of Magic lost their place because of incompetency. The rebellion took a long time, mainly because the goblins decided to join forces with the Werewolves, another rebel and persecuted group.

Another rebellion happened in the 18th century however, it was less impactful than the others. Urg led the goblins during the resistance, and his legacy lives on.

The final and currently available Goblin Rebellion in Hogwarts Legacy happened in 1890. This is another full-swing rebellion led by the fearless Ranrok. Ranrok was a powerful goblin capable of performing magic without using a wand. If you have played Hogwarts Legacy, you might have interacted with Ranrok.

This rebellion is, however, different from the others. The brief gameplay shows some dark wizards joining forces with Ranrok. We do not wish to mention any game spoilers and ask you to leave it at that. The important thing is you have an idea of the goblin rebellion and how it started.

Where to Find Goblins in Hogwarts Legacy?

As you continue exploring the Forbidden Lands, and other areas, you should expect to interact with several goblins. These creatures have a huge presence in Hogwarts Legacy, and it is best to know where to find them.

One of the side quests, available early in the game, tasks players with finding Rowland Oakes, who is in the hands of the goblins. The first task is to track the goblins, and their location is marked X on the map.

The easiest way to get to their location is to fast-travel to Floo Flame and then use your broom to get to the goblins’ location. When you get to the camp, your mission is to eliminate the goblins and take over the camp. One helpful tip is stealth combat will not help you that much if one goblin spots you; however, if you can sneak without getting noticed, good for you.

According to various game reviews, players prefer bursting through and casting various spells. This, however, required one to have mastered the spells and magic chants. You should expect a decent challenge from the goblins; however, you can easily take them out since you’ll use the surprise element to your advantage.

After taking them out, pick the Rowland Oake’s map that you’ll use to find him. The mission from here is easy, and you can use your broom to get to his holding point.

If you need help getting to the goblins’ base, their location is southwest of the Rowland Oake’s camp. You can find the camp in the Kurrow Ruins and Rowland’s holding dungeon north of the ruins.

The Bottom Line

The goblins are important and dominant characters in Hogwarts Legacy. The game happens at a time when they are most active and most dangerous. These creatures can put up a decent fight, and if you wish to stand a better chance of taking them down, it is best to have some background information about them. 

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