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Will Redfall Be Released on Xbox Series S?

Hey! Get ready to slay some vampires on your Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X! However, it looks like Redfall, the highly anticipated shooter from Arkane Studios, may have some performance and display limitations when it launches on May 2, 2023. Want to know more? Keep reading!

What FPS Will Redfall Support on Xbox Series X|S?

According to developer Arkane Studios, Redfall, their upcoming co-op action game set in an open world infested with vampires, won’t have a 60fps Performance Mode on Xbox Series X|S at launch. The studio has confirmed that this feature will be added to the game via a post-launch update, which will arrive “at a later date.” This means that players won’t be able to experience the game at its full potential from the start, but will have to wait for the update to enjoy the smoother frame rate.

This news may disappoint some players who were looking forward to playing Redfall at 60fps from day one, but it’s not uncommon for developers to add features and improvements to their games after release. It’s possible that the studio needs more time to optimize the game for the hardware and ensure stable performance. Whatever the reason, the promise of a 60fps Performance Mode via a post-launch update is a positive sign that the studio is committed to delivering the best experience possible to players on Xbox Series X|S.

Redfall Will Be Capped at 30 FPS at Launch

Bethesda has recently announced that Redfall will be locked to “Quality Mode” upon launch for Xbox Series X and S consoles, with a maximum of 30 frames per second.

The Xbox Series X version will output at the 4K UHD resolution standard, while the pixel count will be reduced to 1440p QHD for the weaker console offering, Series S.

It’s unclear why the decision was made to cap frame rates, especially with the game’s imminent launch. However, PC gamers may have something to look forward to, as the tweet suggests that the PC version will be playable at 60fps at launch.

Will Redfall Feature Performance Mode?

Redfall, the upcoming vampire-themed shooter from Arkane Studios, will not feature a Performance mode at launch on Xbox consoles. This is a departure from the industry standard of giving players the choice between higher-fidelity graphics and better performance. As Redfall is a first-person shooter that demands quick responses from players, the absence of a Performance mode is unusual and may disappoint some fans.

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What Will Be The Price of Redfall on Xbox?

As per the recent announcement from the developer Arkane Studios, Redfall will have a price tag of $69.99 USD at launch for Xbox consoles. This price is for the standard edition of the game and is in line with the pricing of many other high-profile AAA titles on the Xbox platform.

In addition to Xbox consoles, Redfall will also be available on PC via Steam and the Microsoft Store, the price tag for the standard version of the game would be the same – $69.99 USD at launch. If you are looking to pre-order Redfall, read this article.

Redfall is scheduled to be released on May 2, 2023, exclusively on Xbox Series X|S and PC. The game will also be available on Xbox Game Pass on launch day, allowing subscribers to play the game at no additional cost as part of their subscription.

In conclusion, Redfall is launching on Xbox Series X|S and will cost $69.99 USD. Unfortunately, the game will only support Quality mode at launch, with a maximum of 30 frames per second on both Xbox Series X and S. It remains unclear why the developers decided to cap the frame rate, especially given that the game is launching soon. Nevertheless, we can expect a thrilling experience battling vampires and cultists in the open-world co-op shooter, and the promise of a post-launch update to add 60fps Performance Mode gives hope for a smoother gameplay experience.

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