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Baldur’s Gate 3: All Quests List

Hey, fellow gamers! Are you excited about the quests in Baldur’s Gate 3? We know we are! Quests are the backbone of any RPG, and Baldur’s Gate 3 will feature a wide variety of missions and expeditions that you can embark on. Completing these quests will grant you rewards that can aid you on your journey. If you want to know more about the quests in Baldur’s Gate 3, keep reading this article!

What Is Quest Order in Baldur’s Gate 3?

There is no specific quest order that needs to be followed in Baldur’s Gate 3. The game is a linear open-world game, which means that players are free to do whatever they want. While there are some areas and quests that must be completed to access certain areas, such as the Underdark, there are no prerequisite quests required for any of them. The Underdark itself has multiple entrances, and none of them require any specific quests to be completed beforehand.

It is worth noting that some quests may be easier to complete than others. However, with a full group, players should be able to handle almost anything in the game, given the level cap of 4 in the Early Access version of the game. If players find combat too challenging in a particular area, they can simply leave and complete quests in different areas, or try to utilize terrain, throwables, and consumables to their advantage. Additionally, players can enable the “weighted dice” option in the game to help make combat easier.

What Types of Quests Does Baldur’s Gate 3 Feature?

In Baldur’s Gate 3, players can encounter several types of quests, including main quests and side quests. Main quests guide you through the main storyline of the game, while side quests are optional and provide an opportunity to explore the landscape, equip characters, advance levels, and have fun. Companion quests are exclusive to companions, and completing them will advance their individual stories and grant rewards, experience, and new equipment. Although completion of side and companion quests is optional, it can have important effects on your playing experience.

Baldur’s Gate 3 All Quests

Baldur’s Gate 3 Main and Side Quests in Act 1

In Act 1 of Baldur’s Gate 3, players will encounter a variety of quests to complete. Some are main quests, necessary to progress the story, while others are side quests that offer additional exploration and rewards. Here is a list of all the known quests in Act 1:

  • Escape the Nautiloid (Prologue)
  • Removing the Parasite
  • Free Lae’zel
  • Save the Goblin Sazza
  • Investigate the Beach
  • Investigate Kagha
  • Find your belongings
  • Steal the Sacred Idol
  • Save the Refugees
  • Find the Nightsong
  • Reach Moonrise Towers
  • Raid the Grove
  • Rescue the gnome
  • Search the Cellar
  • Hunt the Devil
  • Find the Missing Shipment
  • Rescue the Grand Duke
  • Rescue the Trapped Man (as well as help to find the Dowry ring)
  • Free the artist
  • Cure the Poisoned Gnome
  • Protect the Myconid Circle
  • Avenge the Sovereign
  • Find the Mushroom Picker
  • Find The Missing Boots
  • The Adamantine Forge (where players will also have the opportunity to craft unique Adamantine items)
  • Free True Soul Nere
  • Save the Grymforge Gnomes
  • Help the Cursed Monk
  • Rescue the Gnomes in Moonrise Towers
  • Deliver Nere’s Head
  • Find the Explosives
  • Talk to the Sentient Amulet
  • Defeat the Duergar Intruders

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Baldur’s Gate 3 Main Quests Act 2

Here are the known main quests in Act 2 of Baldur’s Gate 3:

  • Rescue the survivors
  • The Knights of Shield
  • The Ritual
  • The Dark Cleric

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Baldur’s Gate 3 Companion Quests

In Baldur’s Gate 3, each companion has their own set of quests that can be unlocked by completing specific tasks or progressing through the main storyline. Shadowheart’s quests include “Daughter of Darkness” and “The Chosen of Shar,” while Astarion’s quests revolve around “The Pale Elf.” Gale’s quests include “The Wizard of Waterdeep” and “In Case of Death…,” while Wyll’s quests focus on “The Blade of Frontiers.” Finally, Lae’zel’s quests are centered around “The Githyanki Warrior.” Completing these quests not only advances the companion’s storyline but also grants rewards and experience to the player.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Side Quests

There are many side quests that can provide you with useful rewards. This Baldur’s Gate 3 Side Quest Guide will provide you with the locations of each of the side quests that we have discovered in the game, as well as some tips on how to complete them. Keep in mind that most side quests can be completed in various ways, and sometimes you may even complete them without realizing it. Below is a table with a list of all the known side quests in Baldur’s Gate 3:

Quest NameLocationDescription
Explore The RuinsRavaged BeachFind the Thieves Tools and use them to unlock the door to the ruins.
Saving ArabellaThe HollowSpeak to the distraught mother and free her daughter.
Save MayrinaThe SwampCalm down the arguing brothers and save Mayrina from the hag.
Finish The Masterwork WeaponBlighted VillageLocate the quest in the village and enter the basement smithing area.
Rescue VoloVarious locationsMeet Volo in the Druid settlement or later in the Goblin Camp, and free him from his cell.
Baldur’s Gate 3 Side Quests

These side quests provide you with unique experiences and rewards, and completing them can help you progress further in the game. So, keep an eye out for these quests as you explore the world of Baldur’s Gate 3.

In summary, Baldur’s Gate 3 features various types of quests, including main quests, side quests, and companion quests. The game offers a linear open-world experience, allowing players to approach most quests in many different ways. In this article, we have covered the main and companion quests of Act 1 and Act 2, as well as some of the side quests that can be found in the game. With so many quests to explore, players can enjoy hours of gameplay in this exciting RPG adventure.

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