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Best Arrows Elden Ring

It’s time to go shopping for dangerous arrows to take out the Elden Ring bosses. Since fighting is key to becoming the next Eden Lord in Elden Ring, you’ll encounter different enemies during the gameplay, mostly stronger and more fierce than you. Fighting such enemies at arm’s length can be challenging. However, the arrows will come in handy if you’re considering a long-range fighting tactic.

Arrows will help you to eliminate your enemies while keeping a distance, thus reducing the risk of getting harmed. So, if you’re stuck on the best arrows to purchase or where to purchase the best arrows in the Elden Ring, you’re in the right place. Find out everything about the best arrows in Elden Ring below.

What Are Arrows in Elden Ring?

In the game, arrows or bolts serve as ammunition for ranged weapons such as bows and crossbows. They can be obtained through purchasing, crafting, or as loot after defeating enemies. This article aims to provide comprehensive guides on how to craft them, where to purchase them, and their corresponding costs.

Why Use Arrows in Elden Ring

If you’re the kind of player who likes to keep their distance from the enemy while releasing powerful attacks, you should invest in long-range weapons. Therefore, a bow and powerful arrows will serve the purpose efficiently. In addition, using the arrows protects you from powerful enemies capable of taking you out with one blow.

Apart from keeping a safe distance, some arrows can unleash powerful attacks strong enough to take out an enemy. A combination of these arrows with powerful spells in the Lands Between will make you the ultimate conqueror of the lands.

All you have to do is place an arrow on a bow, aim at the enemy in the distance, and take your shot. Using the right arrows and maximizing your shot will give you tremendous results in the quest. So if you’re planning long-ranged attacking tactics, you should invest in the game’s best arrows.

Best Place to Buy Arrows Elden Ring

To buy arrows, you must traverse the Lands Between to specific locations where merchants are ready to exchange the arrows for a few runes. Most of the merchant arrows cost around 20 Runes while crafting an arrow will cast as high as 800 Runes. Below is a list of where to get the best arrows Elden Ring. The list contains the merchant NPC’s name and where they are found.

●       The Merchant Kalé found at the Elleh Church in Western Limgrave.

●       The Limgrave’s Nomadic Merchant both in the East and North.

●       The Mt. Gelmir Nomadic Merchant.

●       The Hermit Merchant found in Hermit Merchant Shack.

●       The Weeping Peninsula Isolated Merchants both East and West.

●       Nomadic Merchants found along River Siofra.

●       Coastal Cave Nomadic Merchant in the Southeastern.

●       The Twin Maiden Husks found at Roundtable Hold.

●       Caelid Nomadic Merchant in the south.

●       Nomadic Merchant located at the Liurnia of the Lakes.

Best Great Arrows Elden Ring

There are a lot of weapons to choose from in the Elden Ring’s weapon. The right arrow will depend on its attack power, wielding stats, and the purpose of the arrow, among other reasons.

You can purchase arrows from different merchants located in various locations in the Lands Between. You can also craft your arrows in Elden Ring. The difference between buying and crafting your arrows is that you’ll require more Runes to craft than purchasing them.

If you’re wondering which are the best arrows Elden Ring to buy, check the list below containing some of the best Elden Ring arrows. Build your archery with the most potent arrows in Elden Ring.

●       Ballista Bolt

To begin with, in the game, there is a powerful bolt called the Ballista Bolt, which is undoubtedly the most potent bolt. It inflicts a base of 160 physical damage and is as long as a spear. The Hand Ballista or the Jar Cannon weapons are used to fire this bolt.

Unfortunately, you cannot craft the Ballista Bolt yourself; instead, you can craft the Bone Ballista Bolt, which is comparatively weaker. However, you can buy this bolt from various sellers located in specific places throughout the game. Some of these locations where you can find the Ballista Bolt in a seller’s shop include Murkwater Cave, Roundtable Hold, Weeping Peninsula, Mt. Gelmir, Hermit Merchant’s Shack, and Mountaintops of the Giants.

●       Explosive Greatbolt

This arrow is widely regarded as one of the best in the game due to its explosive damage, and it’s difficult to argue otherwise. With 50 physical damage and 150 fire damage, the Explosive Greatbolt is a reliable choice for combat.

To obtain this great bolt, players can purchase it from the Nomadic Merchant which is located in Mt. Gelmir. It’s worth noting that the bolt is capable of piercing enemies as well.

●       Bone Ballista Bolt

The next bolt on the list is the Bone Ballista Bolt, which is different from the Ballista Bolt in various ways. One significant distinction between the two is the amount of damage it deals, which is 150 Physical damage. It is specifically designed to be used with the Hand Ballista.

Compared to the Ballista Bolt, this bolt drops to the floor much faster, which makes it unsuitable for long-range combat. However, you can obtain this item quickly by defeating the Bell Bearing Hunter and then acquiring the recipe from the Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook 13 at the Bellum Church.

Since defeating the Bell Bearing Hunter yields Hefty Beast Bones, you can easily craft Bone Ballista Bolts. One Hefty Beast Bone can produce 5 Bone Ballista Bolts. This means you can have an unlimited supply of ammunition at an early stage of the game. Although it deals less damage than the Ballista Bolt, the Bone Ballista Bolt is still a useful choice.

●       Radahn’s Spear

The arrow imbued with Radhan’s gravitational power is considered one of the best in the game, with 100 physical damage and 100 crit. However, it still competes with some of the more powerful arrows previously mentioned.

Regrettably, the Radhan Arrow cannot be crafted, but you can find it in Roundtable Hold and purchase it for 800 runes from Enia. However, before buying it, you must defeat the Starsourge Radahn. This arrow is effective in long-range combat, as it pierces and damages enemies. You can carry up to 30 of these arrows in your hand and store up to 600 in your inventory.

●       Golem’s Magic Arrow

Golem’s Magic Arrow is a special type of arrow used by the Guardian Golems. The arrow can cause 125 magical and 40 physical harm. However, Golem’s Magic Arrow is the perfect combination of strength and magic, and it will cause more than physical harm.

The arrow will pierce any enemy it hits regardless of the enemy’s power level. These arrows can be found at the Limgrave Tower Bridge along with the Golem’s Great Bow.

●       Golden Great Arrow

Golden Great Arrow is remarkable for its ability to hit the enemy with Holy Damage. The arrow is so strong that it pierces the opponent’s armor. Golden Great Arrow causes 110 Holy Damages and 40 physical damage.

You can purchase this arrow for 500 Runes from the Hermit Merchant’s Shack. Its expensive cost is taken care of by the level of damage the arrow causes.

●       Dwelling Arrow

You can use this arrow with a wide range of crossbows and bows to take out the enemy. Dwelling Arrow causes 95 magical harm and 15 physical harm to the opponent. You can get the arrows after killing the Ancestral Flowers or purchasing them from a merchant at the Siofra River or the Mohgwyn Dynasty Mausoleum.

●       Lightningbone Arrow

Lightningbone Arrow is crafted from animal bones while the tip is fused with lightning. The arrow deals severe damage of 90 lightning and ten physical when it hits the enemy. You can store 600 lightning arrows and hold 99 of them at a go. Of course, it would help if you got the Ancient Dragon Apostle’s Cookbook to craft the arrow.

●       Fire Arrow

The Fire Arrow is a special type of arrow with a sharp point on fire. The arrow causes fire damage once it hits the ground, causing additional damage to the enemy. It causes 95 fires and 15 physical harm.

Choosing the Samurai Class will equip you with this type of arrow. However, you can purchase them at the eastern side of Caelid Highway North Site of Grace from a Nomadic Merchant. You can also get five Fire Arrows from a woman’s corpse at the eastern side of Stormhill Shack.

●       Poisonbone Arrow (Fletched)

Poisonbone Arrow is an arrow that causes poison damage to the enemy. The arrow is capable of getting through the opponent’s armor. You can purchase this type of arrow from the merchant found in Firelink Shrine for a few Runes.

●       Serpent Arrow

The Serpent Arrow is designed like a snake, damaging the opponent by causing poison accumulation. The arrow is capable of causing 100 critical harm and 30 physical harm. Buy the Serpent Arrow from the Dragonbarrow’s Isolated Merchant in the Western Dragonbarrow.

Why Choose the Archer?

To start playing Elden Ring, the first thing you need to do is select a character. If you want to play as an archer, choose a character from the Samurai or Bandit classes. As an archer, you can use either crafted arrows or those purchased from merchants in battle.

If you enjoy observing from a distance and using ranged weapons, the archer role is perfect for you. Archers use arrows and bolts as their primary weapons in combat.

Playing as an archer in Elden Ring can be advantageous as it allows you to maintain a safe distance from your enemies. Since Elden Ring is a challenging game, it is wise to play safely to avoid being killed by enemies who can take you down with a single blow.

If you prefer not to engage in close combat, the archer role is an ideal choice for you. The ranger build, which includes the archer, relies heavily on arrows and bolts for effective gameplay.

Bottom Line

In Elden Ring, you have all the weapons you need to fight your enemies and ascend the throne. Long-ranged weapons like arrows will allow you to eliminate your opponents without having to place yourself in immediate danger. The guide provides you with everything you need about the best Elden Ring arrows.

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