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How to Use Orders Blade Elden Ring?

Elden Ring is here, and it is time to put your combat and exploration skills to the test. Players worldwide are enjoying the fantasy action-RPG adventure game on various platforms. The game is full of unique features, powerful weapons, numerous collectibles, spells, etc., which make it easy to defeat enemies and powerful bosses.

Among them is the Order’s Blade, a powerful Elden Ring incantation that gives players a fighting advantage once they learn to use it effectively. Therefore, below is a comprehensive Elden Ring how to use Order’s Blade incantation guide with all the information regarding the Order’s Blade.

What Is the Order’s Blade in Elden Ring?

The Order’s Blade is a practical incantation ideal for use against Undead enemies. Order’s Blade is an Elden Ring incantation that enhances your weapons and equips them with holy damage. The sacred damage makes your weapons lethal to the undead creatures since the spell prevents their revival after death.

Also, the spell is effective on skeleton-type enemies, taking them out and preventing them from reviving from the dead. Order’s Blade is one of the incantations featured in the Golden Order fundamentalists. It is an effective spell for hunters of creatures living in the dead.

This incantation proves beneficial as you adventure and explore the catacombs. These places are full of skeletons notorious for returning to life even after defeating them. You will also need the holy damage spell as you fight in the Tibia Mariners arenas and explore the Crumbling Farum Azula areas.

How to Get Order’s Blade in Elden Ring

A weapon equipped with the Order’s Blade incantation is an effective tool against undead enemies. Once you strike these bosses, the holy damage takes them out and prevents them from reviving.

You should note that the Order’s Blade is not a collectible or an in-game achievement reward. This means that there is a huge possibility of players not using the spell throughout the game. Some players aren’t aware of this effective incantation and have a hard time killing undead enemies.

Therefore, the only way to get the Order’s Blade, and many other Elden Ring specials, is to purchase it from the merchants available. In our case, the merchant who sells this incantation is D, Hunter of the Dead, and you should expect to spend about 3,000 Runes for the spell.

You can also get the Order’s Blade from the Twin Maiden Husks and find the Husks at the Roundtable Hold. Players will have to trade the D’s Bell Bearing for the incantation.

What Are the Benefits of Using the Order’s Blade in Elden Ring?

The Order’s Blade incantation has various benefits in Elden Ring:

  • It increases the power of all warrior attacks by 10%.
  • The blade gives players a powerful buff to help them quickly complete their objectives and quests.
  • You can use it as an offensive spell to deal massive damage to enemies or bosses on the battlefield.
  • It provides additional protection from incoming enemy attacks.

Elden Ring: How to Use Order’s Blade

Before looking at how to use the spell, it is essential to mention that players can only use the Order’s Blade on non-unique weapons. The spell infuses the right-hand weapon with holy damage. Also, note that there is an added limitation that you should also equip and cast the seal from the off-hand.

Once you retrieve the Orders Blade from D, Hunter of the Dead, or the Twin Maiden Husks, the Order’s Blade gets included in your list of enchantments. Therefore,

  • Pause the game to open up the Elden Ring menu.
  • Select Equipment and locate Order’s Blade in the Incantation options.
  • Press the RMB, L1, or LB button on your controller to apply the Order’s Blade to your weapon.

Another essential tip when equipping the Order’s Blade incantation is to provide the Finger Seal as you exit the menu. Place the Clawmark Seal on the non-special weapon in your left hand. This is an effective strategy since it makes you more lethal, thanks to the holy damage effect on the right weapon and the blood loss damage on the left.

It is best to practice and learn how to effectively use the Order’s Blade incantation when facing undead enemies. You will meet these foes during your Elden Ring adventures, and it is best to master the art to avoid wasting 3,000 Runes. The best place to practice this and other Elden Ring incantations is at the Site of Grace.

Before casting the Order’s Blade incantation and equipping your weapon with the holy damage, there are some criteria to follow. To cast the spell, you need a Sacred Seal equipped with 13 Intelligence, 13 Faith, and 0 Arcane.

Note that the holy damage spell lasts for about 90 seconds, enough time to take out the skeletons and undead creatures in your way. Also, the Order’s Blade lasts longer than other Elden Ring incantations, and it also causes damage buildup with every strike.

Elden Ring: How Does Order’s Blade Work?

In Elden Ring, the Order’s Blade is an item that allows players to give orders to their AI-controlled allies during combat. It functions by bringing up a command menu that players can access by pressing a designated button. Once a command is selected, the player’s allies will execute the order.

The Order’s Blade command menu consists of four options:

  • Attack: Allies are directed to focus on attacking a specific enemy.
  • Defend: Allies prioritize defending themselves and the player.
  • Heal: Allies focus on healing themselves and the player.
  • Disperse: Allies stop attacking and withdraw from combat.

To use the Order’s Blade, players must have it equipped in their inventory. During combat, they can target an enemy and press the button designated for the Order’s Blade (default is LB on Xbox and L1 on PlayStation) to access the command menu. They can then choose a command by using the right joystick to navigate to the desired option and pressing the corresponding button.

It’s worth noting that the Order’s Blade has limited uses and must be recharged after a certain number of uses. Additionally, players can only issue one command at a time, so they must choose wisely and strategically when giving orders to their allies.

The Bottom Line

Elden Ring presents another powerful incantation for players to trounce their undead enemies. It can be frustrating defeating these foes who rise again from the dead. However, with the Order’s Blade, you can take out these enemies with a single strike. Above is all the information you need to use the Order’s Blade in Elden Ring effectively. 

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