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Best League of Legends Champion for Kills.

Most League of Legends play for fun, and only a few play to win. If you are part of those who play to win, you can’t help but wonder who is the best champion to use for kills.

There are many League of Legends champions, and choosing the ideal one to use for kills can be tricky. The good news is that we have a solution for you in this review, which features the best options for direct kills, KSing, and many more. Here are the top 5 best League of Legends champions to use for kills.


Wukong is a number one choice for many and arguably the hardest to kill champion League of Legends features. The character has transformed, and Riot Games has done a lot of buffs to make him one of the most dominant champions.

His W ability makes him strong, which increases his mobility, including jumping over walls. He also has a strong map presence and low cool down, and his attacks cause lots of damage. The increased attack speed and extreme strength, which is also effective in the air, make it easy to take out any enemy in a flash.


Here is another LoL who has undergone incredible buffing, making him another ideal choice for kills. He is stronger than most champions. Swain comes most alive during team fights and can take out several enemies simultaneously.

Another attribute is his fast healing. If the HP becomes low during combat, you can use Zhonya’s to regain, making your champion invulnerable. Once he is fully recharged, Swain can cause immense damage to enemies through his burst damage ability.

Furthermore, he is the best first champion League of Legends makes available at the start. It is good to keep using him to explore his abilities, such as sustaining and poking, which are lethal during combat.


Diana is not the most beloved LoL champion; however, she is ruthless. Her reworked abilities allow players to stop enemies from running, making them vulnerable to her powerful attacks. When a player gets to level 6, they unlock her lethal burst abilities, and her tanky HP allows her to survive more on the battlefield.

This character has a passive, which allows gamers to cause extra damage. However, you will have to make calculated moves when using Diana. It might take some time to learn how to use her for kills effectively, but you will become unstoppable once you do.

Her only limitation is you need to know when she needs to retreat. Diana needs some time to cool down if she is to be unstoppable during combat. Therefore, she needs time to recharge, which can cost your team, which might be losing at the moment.


Veigar is like a two-sided coin; the champion is fun to use but very annoying to face. He is one of the best options for beginners and creates lots of damage compared to all champions featured in this list. When you begin the game, the champion is at his weakest point. However, his power and abilities start to rise as you stack up AP.

The champion has many other unique abilities and can fight for a long time without needing a cooldown. One of his remarkable traits is his ability to cage enemies, making it easy to stun and control opposing forces. This position also renders them vulnerable, and you are free to attack and cause significant damage.

His unique abilities make him one of the best ranged champions LoL has to offer. He also has a powerful combo that causes significant damage and can take out anyone. Once you get to the latter stages of the game, and he is well-equipped, no LoL character can survive his complete combo.


Regnar is a champion with highest win rate LoL players either love or hate. He is not the most lovable champion; however, ignoring his huge threat and significant presence on the battlefield is impossible. Regnar is an assassin; as you expect, he can cause considerable damage. He has a huge map presence, and his traits easily scare enemies away.

One of his powerful abilities is invincibility. When we mix that with his impressive move speed, he is unstoppable. Players can also use his auto-attack abilities to close gaps between their enemies and take them out.

His invincible ability tilts the winning probability in your favor. This is because the enemy doesn’t have time to react, and when you use his powerful combo, its power and the element of surprise finishes them off.

The Bottom Line

All League of Legends champions are well-buffed, and you can use any to make kills. However, there are special characters known for their effectiveness on the battlefield. Above are our top 5 best League of Legends champions for kills, dominating the game today. We’ll be keen to keep the list updated soon to ensure you always play to win.

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