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Top Characters in League of Legends

Are you looking for the best character to up your play in League of Legends? Like many other games, character choice determines your gameplay and success rate. League of Legends allows players to choose a character before joining the campaign. However, each character has unique abilities that suit them for different gameplays and improve some characters. 

Therefore, with so many characters available, you may wonder which are the top characters in League of Legends. Worry no more. You’re in the right place if you’re looking for the best principal characters in League of Legends. Discover everything regarding League of Legends characters and more.

What are the Champions in League of Legends?

A champion is a character that you control in League of Legends. Each winner possesses different and unique abilities making other champions suited for various roles in the game. However, there are four essential abilities to consider for each patron. You can access the capabilities through Q, W, E, and R keyboard keys.

League of Legends offers over 150 champions. In the beginning, each champion’s abilities are minimal but are steadily leveled up by earning experience points and purchasing items.

Another factor affecting the champions is the League of Legends roles. Four prominent roles depend on your position on the map. They include jungle, bot (bottom lane), mid (middle lane), and top (top lane).

Top 10 League of Legends Characters

Below is a list of the best top characters league of legends.


Lux is also known as the Lady of Luminosity and is perfect for the middle lane. She can easily farm minions, play safe, and render severe damage with few items. She uses illumination as her passive ability to damage the enemy with magic spells. Her other skills include Light Binding (Q), Prismatic Barrier (W), Lucent Singularity (E), and Final Spark (E).


Are you looking for a perfect champion to defend the bottom lane? Jinx will cover everything for you as she’s one of the game’s strongest ADC characters. Her attacks will deal massive damage with high speed, and her traps allow the CC more freedom to kill at leisure. Her abilities are unmatched, with enough items to level up. Ensure to use cannon mode, increasing attack range and farm minions safely.


Leona is the perfect support for your ADC. She can initiate team fights and quickly immobilize the opponent. She possesses the Sunlight ability as her passive ability, which is brutal to the enemy. Her other skills include pressing Q for Shield of Daybreak, W for Eclipse, and E for Zenith Blade. Leona can take maximum damage, protecting the team while the rest prepare an attack.


Garen is perfect for the job if you’re looking for a top-lane character. Her abilities, including Hallowed Seamstress and scissors, will tear down the opponent despite their strength. She’s a scaling champion and needs protection early in the game. However, she can deal with and receive massive damage after a complete build. Her famous attack is known as Spin to Win.


She’s one of the most potent ADC from the start of the game, with the most extended range. This allows Caitlyn to damage the enemy from a long distance and avoid close-range combat. Her other abilities include Piltover Peacemaker (Q), Headshot (passive ability), Yordle Snap Trap (W), 90 Caliber Net €, and Ace in the Hole. Use long-range to attack the enemy as you farm minions and eventually finish them off with E.


Thresh is perfect as a Support to the ADC with the ability to carry the game solo. He can pull targets with his Hook and Flay to disengage and pull back multiple enemies. The Lantern pulls friendly champions to safety. However, he’s demanding, and you’ll require effort to learn and practice.


Warwick is a fantastic jungle character, to begin with, if you need to become more familiar with the game. He’s easy to handle, and his abilities will provide maximum effect. One great feature is the ability to heal himself. His other skills include Eternal Hunger (passive ability), Jaws of the Beast (Q), Blood Hunt (W), Primal Howl (E), and Infinite Duress (R).


Protect your middle lane with Victor, using his powerful abilities to eliminate ADC or weak champions. His powers come in handy during mid or late-game. However, he’s weak initially, and his lack of escape abilities can make him an easy target.


Jayce is a strong champion in the top lane. Once scaled up, his long-range attack is unmatched, allowing him to harass the opponent and farm gold. However, keep your distance and avoid being the enemy’s target.


Yasuo is the most hated League of Legends character for his complexity. However, if used well, his abilities are extraordinary. He has a wind wall, multiple dashes, and a tornado, among other skills. Also, Yasuo was the first samurai character in the League of Legends.

Bottom Line

Choosing a character from the long list of League of Legends characters can be hectic. However, above is the list of top characters to play with and experience the maximum level of skills and effectiveness.

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