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How Many Game Hours Are in League of Legends?

If you have played League of Legends, you understand how addictive the game can be. You find yourself hooked to the fantastic gameplay for hours and can’t help but wonder how much time you are spending playing the game.

Riot Games didn’t incorporate a feature that tracks your League of Legends playing time. The only available time statistic in LoL is the ranked hours. Therefore, if you are wondering about your League of Legends total play time, here is how you can find out.

Can You See How Many Hours You’ve Played League of Legends?

Yes. Riot Games recently included a unique feature allowing players to see the amount of time spent playing League of Legends. This measure, however, only shows the player’s ranked hours. To see your raked hours;

  1. Launch the game on your device.
  2. Instead of playing a match, click on the Profile Tab.
  3. Scroll to see the ‘Stats’ tab, and click on it.

You will see the number of games played and ranked hours for that season in the screen’s bottom left corner.

This is the only available time statistic provided by Riot Games. Note that it doesn’t show you your total time playing the game.

How to Check How Many Hours You Played League of Legends?

Therefore, if you wish to have a better statistic on the time you have spent playing League of Legends, it is best to use third parties. One of the easiest and trusted sources is Wasted on LOL. This tool is easy to use and shows you everything, from how many hours to get to level 30 league of legends to the total hours spent.

  1. Wasted on LOL

This third-party tool is easy to use and provides in-depth statistics. If you wish to find out the total time you have spent playing League of Legends;

  • Visit Wasted on LOL, wol. Gg.
  • Select your region.
  • Enter the summoner’s name.

These are the three simple steps you can use to determine how much time you’ve spent.

There is also more offered by Wasted on LOL. Another helpful statistic that one can obtain from Wasted on LOL is the top 20 player list for every region. The tool also shows how much time the featured players have spent playing LoL.

This tool also allows players to purchase RP through the top bar menu. Wasted on LOL serves all accounts hosted by Riot Games. One limitation is that you cannot access statistics for players living in China and SouthEast Asia.

Another downside to using Wasted on LOL is that it is a third party, and its hours’ count might not be exact. However, it is the most effective tool to know how much time you’ve spent on League of Legends. Here is the exact process on how to use it.’

  • Open the site’s homepage and enter your summoner name.
  • You will have to select your region on the Right tab.
  • Click on the big button below.

The site will calculate and show you how much time you’ve spent in minutes, hours, and days. It also shows your regional ranking position based on their data. This tool shows the equivalent time you spent watching movies, walking, or reading.

  1. Other Alternatives

There are some regions not supported by Wasted on LoL. The good news is that there is another alternative for those living in such areas. Sites like offer the same services as Wasted on LOL to Chinese gamers.

This site shows the number of games played and the average time spent. Therefore, you must multiply the two figures to get the total time you’ve finished playing League of Legends.

There are many other alternatives, such as op. Gg. This is another reliable third party that shows your total played games. It is not as effective as Wasted on LOL; however, it will give you an idea of how many hours you’ve been playing the game.

For those who do not trust these third-party sites, you can decide to take your total mastery points earned in the game and divide the figure by 650. This way, you will get a more precise estimate from the Riot Games server.

Average Time Spent Playing League of Legends

Statistics show that the average LoL player spends about 830 hours playing the game. If we convert it further, a person spends 35 days straight on this addictive game. Note that this average considers new players with little or no LoL experience.

The Bottom Line

Most players don’t know how much time they have spent on League of Legends. Riot Games doesn’t do an excellent job helping gamers keep track of their time. It is essential to know this since it will help you plan your days better and create a playtime plan. This guide highlights everything you need to know and how to know the amount of time you’ve been spending on League of Legends.

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