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Elden Ring and Dark Souls 3. Are the games identical?

eldenring or darksoul

Elden Ring, the latest game developed by FromSoftware, is heavily influenced by Dark Souls 3 and shares many similarities with the classic game. While Elden Ring boasts a vast open environment, providing players with numerous opportunities for discovery, it lacks…

How to Put League of Legends On Desktop?

lol on dekstop

How to Put League of Legends On Desktop? League of Legends is a top-tier game dominating the gaming industry since 2019. The game by Riot Games has a huge fan base, with over 10 million gamers playing it monthly. One…

How to Use Legacy Keys in Dota 2?

Have you noticed that most Dota 2 veterans use hotkeys, including most gamers who qualify for the International Championships? These keys can be the difference between amazing teamwork and defeat. Therefore, it is best to know how to use them…

How to Parry on Elden Ring?

elden ring

Are you looking for ways to become an Elden Lord? You need a mastery of skills to take down enemies as efficiently as possible. Also, some skills will aid in escaping or blocking the enemy attack. Learning all the effective…