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Guide to Elden Ring

Guide to Elden Ring for Beginners

If you are a fan of From Software games, there’s yet another title on the list to enjoy. Elden Ring has been hitting the headlines long before its release. After its launch, the game has overtaken the gaming industry. However, playing Eden Ring can be challenging for a beginner.

If you’re yet to start playing Elden Ring, you may be overwhelmed by questions like, will Elden Ring be difficult, and is Elden Ring ok for beginners? The good news is you’re in the right place to tackle these questions. Read on to learn how to play Elden Ring for beginners and all the hacks and tricks to incorporate into the gameplay.

What is Elden Ring About?

Elden Ring is the latest title by From Software, the highly regarded Dark Souls series developer. The game is a role-playing video game with a vast open-world map to explore. Like the previous From Software titles, Elden Ring features a third-person perspective, and the combat involves supernatural creatures. You must traverse through the Lands Between and fight demigods and high-level bosses, complete campaigns, and rise to become the Lord.

In Elden Ring, you play the role of the Tarnished, who returns to the Lands Between to restore order to the monarch after the fall of the golden rule. However, the journey to becoming the next Elden Lord isn’t easy as it seems. The fights will be challenging, and the campaigns against demigods almost impossible.

As noted, the game is an open-world video game incorporating action and role-playing aspects. Therefore, a key feature of Elden Ring is combat. In aiding the combat against the supernaturals, the game offers a variety of powerful weapons. There are also numerous items in the game to enhance your stats and upgrade your character. Spell casting is another vital combat technique employed in the Elden Ring.

Elden Ring Beginner Guide

Playing a new game can be overwhelming, especially involving supernatural beings requiring more skills and tactics to eliminate. That’s the case with Elden Ring. However, the challenging aspect makes it one of the best video games in the open-world genre to explore. To simplify the hassle, here are the answers to what should I do as a beginner in Elden Ring?

Choosing Classes in Elden Ring

Before diving deep into the gameplay, you must choose and customize your character, known as the Tarnished. After creating your character, there are many available aesthetic options to determine your character’s looks. These include age, voice, physique, body type, hairstyle, and more. Don’t worry about making the wrong choice in the beginning since you can change this later in the game.

After customizing your character’s looks, you must choose your starting class. Different classes in Elden Ring are customized to offer different maximum attributes, and they will affect the character’s attributes hence the gameplay. Therefore, you must choose wisely depending on your play style. The classes available include The Warrior, Vagabond, Hero, Bandit, Samurai, Prophet, Astrologer, Wretch, Confessor, and Prisoner. Each class contains different starting attributes that you can level in the gameplay.

Elden Ring Combat

One key feature of the Dark Souls series by From Software is the challenging supernatural opponents in the gameplay. In Elden Ring, you must eliminate demigods and high-level bosses through the Lands Between. Every special item you require to further your campaign is highly guarded. The paths across the map are filled with stronger opponents. Therefore, to succeed in Elden Ring, you must take a key interest in the available combat techniques and weapons.

There are numerous classes of weapons to choose from. However, to wield some weapons, you require certain attributes. Also, a key thing in Elden Ring’s combat is timing and not exposing yourself to a direct battle. Make a perfect use of stealth to sneak around the opponents and kill them. However, if you encounter a tough enemy at the beginning, it’s safe to retreat and explore different areas on the map. You can return to challenge the opponent later after leveling up your skills.

Casting Spells in Elden Ring

To survive in the Elden Ring’s fights, you must learn how to cast spells. Explore the different spells available and use them to your advantage. Apart from attacking the opponent, you can use a spell to summon weapons. Also, use the spells to boost the power of your weapons, rendering massive blows.

Other Key Factors to Consider

Sites of Grace are essential locations you must note in the Elden Ring. Resting at the Sites of Grace restores your health and activates certain magic spells. Also, when you die, you respawn at the nearest Site of Grace.

Crafting items is another key feature to utilize to your advantage. Elden Ring allows you to purchase weapons and certain items. However, you can craft your weapons, customizing them to your gameplay.

Bottom Line

Playing Elden Ring can be challenging for a beginner. However, that’s the beauty of the game. Follow the noted guidelines and hacks and ensure you ease your way into Elden Ring, becoming the next Elden Lord.

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