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How to Prevent Blood Elden Ring?

Elden Ring is among the top games creating an uproar in the gaming community. The From Software RPG is creating an impact from its great gameplay, weapons, spells, skills, and abilities. Blood loss, also known as hemorrhage, is One such ability. The Blood loss effect is among the easiest ways to eliminate an opponent.

However, that’s the same case for you. If the enemy inflicts serious damage causing blood loss, they will eliminate you quickly. Therefore, preventing blood loss in Elden Ring is a vital element to consider. Are you looking at how to block blood loss Elden Ring? Worry no more. Read on to learn how to prevent blood loss, Elden Ring blood loss talisman, and more.

How to Stop Blood Loss Elden Ring?

Stopping blood loss is an essential item to consider in Elden Ring. As noted, blood loss is also known as hemorrhage. Hemorrhage is a status effect that can be applied using spells, skills, and weapons. The effect builds up upon repeated use of the effect.

So, what’s Elden Ring Status effect?

In a nutshell, Elden Ring status effect is an ailment or buff that causes a detrimental or beneficial effect on the target. Note that the status effect applies to both the players and the enemies. You can only trigger a status effect after the buildup meter fills from repeated use of attacks causing the effect. After the hemorrhage meter is full, you can trigger the effect, and the opponent takes damage equal to their maximum HP.

However, you must be careful since the enemy can apply the same blood loss effect on you. If the enemy deals you damage causing severe blood loss, your HP is depleted quickly. Succession hits causing blood loss will eventually eliminate you. Therefore, you must learn how to stop blood loss in Elden Ring to endure battles and rise to become the Elden Lord.

What Should You Use to Prevent Blood Loss in Elden Ring?

Preventing blood loss in Elden Ring requires using special items located throughout the Lands Between. Some of these items include using a talisman, ashes of war, or stanching boluses, among other items. Also, to invest in blood loss against your opponent, you must acquire swords and daggers compatible with the hemorrhage status effect.

Elden Ring Stanching Boluses

The stanching boluses are consumables found in Elden Ring and can help to prevent blood loss. The bleeding effect inflicted by the enemy can quickly build up, depleting your HP, which in turn deteriorates your health. Using stanching boluses will help reduce the effect.

You can find stanching bonuses in various locations in the Lands Between. Also, you can craft the items or purchase them from various merchants. The merchants trading the stanching boluses include the West Limgrave Nomadic Merchant found at the Coastal Cave for 600 runes. You can also purchase the item from the Twin Maiden Husks, who will sell it if you trade it for the Medicine Peddler’s Bell Bearing. 

The other merchant selling the stanching boluses can be found at the Moghywyn Palace from the Imprisoned Merchant. To craft the stanching boluses, you’ll require to retrieve the Cookbook. After this, proceed to craft the stanching boluses using either 1 Herba, 1 Cave Moss, or 1 Land Octopus Ovary.

Elden Ring Blood Loss Talisman

One of the best weapons to increase blood loss on the opponent is the Lord of Blood’s Exultation. Locating the item will be challenging and require traversing the Lands Between and fighting enemies. The weapon is located at the Subterranean Shunning Ground in the city’s catacombs.

However, the weapon will aid you greatly in high-level boss fights. The weapon increases its power when there’s blood loss in the vicinity, increasing your attack build. One such boss requiring a special talisman is Malenia. Ensure you acquire the talisman to eliminate the boss during an encounter quickly.

Using the Elden Ring Ashes of War

The Ash of War is a special Elden Ring item that increases different attributes, either skills, weapon power, or more. There are various types of Ashes of War, and finding the right one for the purpose is key. Equipping weapons with the right Ashes of War will turn them into bleed weapons. Kattanas, Uchigatanas, and weapons having high attack speed are the perfect choice for the Ashes of War.

The Seppuku Ash of War is a good choice for the blood loss ability. You will find it in the Mountains of Giants by the Site of Grace near Freezing Lake. Another Ash of War to use for blood loss build is the Golden Vow Ash of War. The item increases your defense and strength, making you stronger to receive hits from the enemy. 

The Golden Vow can be found in the form of Ash of War or a spell. The spell is located at Mt. Gelmir inside a corpse-stench shack. On the other hand, you can obtain the Ash of War by eliminating the Tree Sentimental Boss found at the Church of Elleh.

Bottom Line

Preventing blood loss should be key in your defense techniques in Elden Ring. You can also invest in weapons that cause blood loss builds on the opponents to easily eliminate them. The guidelines noted above will ease your way into either of these two options.

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