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What is a Rune Arc Elden Ring?

Are you a Dark Souls fan? Here’s another title from the developer, From Software, named Elden Ring. Taking the Dark Souls theme, Elden Ring offers great gameplay with numerous skills and consumables to collect and utilize. The rune arcs are among the countless consumables in Elden Ring. 

If you have played Elden Ring, you may have encountered these items, knowing or unknowingly. However, many Elden Ring players need to learn what a rune arc Elden Ring or what do rune arcs do. Luckily, you don’t have to worry if you belong to that group. This guide will take you through everything you need to know regarding rune arc Elden Ring and more.

What is a Rune Arc Elden Ring?

There are a lot of items to discover in Elden Ring, and consumables are one of them. While traversing the Lands Between, you may have encountered mysterious items that you have yet to learn what they are or what to do with. There’s a big chance that you have unknowingly interacted with a rune arc.

What is a Rune Arc?

Most players don’t know what a rune arc in Elden Ring is. In addition, most of them need to learn how to use or fully harness its power. In a nutshell, a rune arc is a special consumable found In Elden Ring. The consumable has a variety of uses to be explored on its own or through another item in the game.

If you’re stuck on what consumables are, there’s no need to panic. Consumables are special Elden Ring items customized to boost the character’s health when you consume them.

Rune arcs are rare in Elden Ring. You can get them through enemy drops throughout the gameplay. However, if you’re unlucky and you require to use a rune arc, you can purchase it at the Roundtable Hold from a merchant for about 4,000 runes.

One of the significant features of a rune arc in Elden Ring is you cannot craft a rune arc, but you can farm them. The other key thing about the consumable is that its power is lost upon the character’s death and is not active during the PvP or co-op game modes.

What is a Rune Arc Used for in Elden Ring?

One of Elden Ring gamers’ vital questions is what do rune arcs do?

A rune arc is used to activate the power of the great rune, among other functions in Elden Ring’s gameplay. Failure to use a rune arc will render your rune dormant. This means that your character won’t receive the effects of the item.

Moreover, you might be wondering what is a great rune arc? A great rune is an item in Elden Ring that you receive upon defeating a major demigod or a high-level boss. You need great rune effects to help you progress through the game easily. The effects buff your character’s level, power, and skills when you activate the great rune powers using the rune arc. There are more powers possessed by the great rune that is only activated using a rune arc.

Before using a great rune, you must locate a Divine Tower, where you must first activate it. There are different towers corresponding to different great runes. Some of the great runes you’ll receive in Elden Ring include Godrick’s Great Rune on defeating Stormveil Castle Lord. This will help to upgrade your attributes on activation. You’ll find a Divine Tower nearby to activate the rune. However, you must battle several opponents to access the Divine Tower. Note that you’ll consume a rune arc every time you activate a great rune, making rune arcs very important.

What’s the use of collecting rune arcs if they only activate the great rune and do nothing on their own? However, this is different. When used, a rune arc will slightly increase the max HP.

How Does a Rune Arc work?

To use a rune arc, you must collect a great rune by eliminating a demigod.

  • The next step is to locate a Divine Tower corresponding to the great rune. This is because the rune is dormant and must be activated.
  • After the Tower, equip a rune arc at a time by accessing a Lost Site of Grace and choose what to boost.
  • You can use a great rune to boost your stats at once and enjoy the benefits. Remember that the benefits are depleted if you die, and you must use another rune arc to apply the buffs again.

Note that if you have acquired more great runes, you can switch them at the Site of Grace.

Where Can You Find Rune Arcs in Elden Ring

Despite the rune arcs being rare Elden Ring commodities, there are a variety of locations where you can find them. You can stumble on them while roaming the lands or purchase them from a merchant. Since you cannot craft a rune arc, much farming is required. This is done by killing rats to get a rune arch drop.

The other way to acquire runes is from the multiplayer mode. Co-operating with another player to take out a boss may earn you a rune arc.

However, locating the runes can be challenging due to their scarcity despite the numerous ways available. Below are some of the locations to go searching for arc runes.

  • Defeating a demigod or boss in multiplayer after being summoned through Furled Finger.
  • Eliminating invaders in multiplayer after Blue Cipher Ring summon.
  • Playing as an invader and defeating the Host of Fingers.
  • As a drop from the Giant Rats.
  • In one of the Erdtrees roots.
  • From the Academy Crystal Cave stored in a chest.
  • In the Village of the Albinaurics, by defeating Omenkiller.
  • From a corpse at the Liurnia of the Lakes.
  • At the Spiritcaller Cave, among three corpses.

There are many more locations to find the rune arcs in addition to the ones above. You should keep watch of the sites by looking out for blue-tinted marks on the map.

Bottom Line

It’s time to utilize the power of the arc runes. The above guidelines will prove very helpful if you have yet to learn about a rune arc. You can acquire the rune arcs from the named locations and follow the steps outlined to activate and utilize them. 

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