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how to beat juno hoslow elden ring

How to Beat Juno Hoslow Elden Ring

Elden Ring presents an open world where you’ll encounter all kinds of challenges, from the tough bosses with powerful abilities to the smallest rats. The difficulty levels increase as you advance through the various game levels. Among these enemies are the NPC invaders. An invader can be an NPC or an Elden Ring player entering another player’s world to attack them.

The game’s questline will require you to invade an NPC’s world at some point. For instance, you must invade an NPC by the name of Juno Hoslow in the Volcano Manor Quest. Juno is a tough NPC, and his evil character makes him hard to beat. However, this guide shows you how to beat Juno Hoslow Elden Ring cheese easily.

Elden Ring: Who Is Juno Hoslow?

Juno Hoslow, a humanoid enemy in Elden Ring, is a hostile NPC that can be invaded as part of the final contract of the Volcano Manor questline. He is the older brother of Diallos and wears black and silver armor while wielding dual whips. Other NPCs that can be invaded are also present in this area.

Juno Hoslow inherited the Hoslow legacy from his younger brother who was unable to act, giving Juno the freedom to adore him without resistance.

To find Juno Hoslow, Knight of Blood, head to the Mountaintops of the Giants, located east of the Shack of the Lofty. Touch the red Summon Sign on the ground to invade his world. However, this is only available after progressing the Volcano Manor questline.

Juno Hoslow can only heal once and uses dual Hoslow’s Petal Whip to deal high Strike Damage and inflict Blood Loss build-up. He also uses Bloodhound’s Step to evade attacks. Like any human encounter, status effects are highly effective.

Getting To Juno Hoslow Elden Ring

Elden Ring Juno Hoslow is the last challenger you’ll face in the Volcano Manor Quest. You’ll first have to find, challenge, and defeat him to acquire his gears and weapons. The only way you’ll discover Juno is to join the Volcanos Manor Resistance Group and to do this:

  1.  Locate Volcano Manor on your map (It is located Northwest of the Altus Plateau).
  2. Use the available ladders to climb to the top of the mountain. You’ll find a wormy boss at the top who you’ll ignore.
  3. Move to the mountain’s other side, then take the road leading to the Volcano Manor Castle.
  4. Once you get to the entrance, you’ll find Lady Tanith, a female who’ll ask you to be part of Volcano Manor. Accept her request to get a key to open almost all doors at the Volcano Manor Castle.
  5. As you explore the rooms, you’ll find one with a letter placed on the table.
  6. Open the letter to get a map of the new world.
  7. On the map, locate Limgrave, and you’ll see a red sign showing your first bounty-hunting mission.
  8. Head over to the marked area using your map and get to the red sign to invade bounty’s empire.
  9. Kill the enemy, then return to Volcano Manor to receive your rewards from Tanith.
  10. Head back to the room in the castle where you picked the first letter, and there is another letter. The letter asks you for a new mission in the Altus Plateau, requiring you to kill the bounty and then return for your rewards.
  11. After two successful missions, the final task is to kill Juno Hoslow, found on the Mountaintops of the Giant. His exact location is identifiable using a red sign on the map.

How Do You Beat Juno Hoslow Elden Ring

Once you explore and find Juno Hoslow at the Mountaintops of the Giant, you’ll have to beat him to get his weapons and complete the questlines. Juno uses a Dual-Wielded Petal Whip as his primary attack weapon. This weapon is powerful, and it causes Bleed Damage. Several hits of Hoslow’s Petal whip can be deadly. Therefore, the best strategy is to make quick attacks as you dodge the fatal whips.

It can be challenging to take Juno Hoslow down; however, the good news is that there are tricks that will give you an upper hand with your attack and defensive prowess.

The Safer Approach

Once you engage with Juno Hoslow, quickly climb the wall on your right to a height where his whips can’t reach you. Once you are at a safe elevation, use your arrows, incantations, or spells to damage him. Note that this is a safer strategy, although it takes time.

The Effective Approach

A riskier alternative quickly runs behind him once the two of you engage. Position yourself strategically behind him fast and attempt a light attack using your weapon. The amount of damage caused depends on your weapon choice, and a few incredible ones to use are Colossal Weapons, Great Hammers, Curved swords, Great Axes, Thrusting swords, Great Spears, Greatswords, and Halberds.

Such an immediate attack breaks his poise. This simple move gives you an upper hand in the duel since it renders him vulnerable. Keep attacking until you finish him off.


Killing Juno Hoslow requires one to be familiar with their weapon set. For instance, if you use your basic dagger correctly, you can cause significant damage. Also, the Lightning Grease works effectively if you know how to use it, according to the Ancient Dragon Apostle’s Cookbook.

What Do You Get After Beating Juno Hoslow in Elden Ring?

Juno Hoslow is the final NPC you’ll have to invade to complete the Volcano Manor Quest. Similar to the first two, you’ll have to return to Volcano Manor Castle to achieve the mission after making the kill.

You can also use other strategies and weapons, such as the Blasphemous Blade, to take down Juno Hoslow. The process becomes easier if you have an understanding of the available weapons. Elden Ring offers an incredible armor set, which, if used correctly, can be used to kill all enemies in the open world. Therefore, if you wish to have a better chance of taking down Juno Hoslow, and other foes, it is best to master the weapons available at your disposal.

After a successful defeat of Juno Hoslow, you’ll get access to his weapons and gear, which include;

  • Rune Arc
  • Hoslow’s Armor
  • Furlcalling Finger Remedy
  • Hoslow’s Helm
  • Hoslow’s Greaves
  • 158 Runes
  • Hoslow’s Gauntlets
  • Hoslow’s Petal Whip

Once you equip your character with these options, you’ll notice a tremendous ability in his attacking, healing, and defensive skills. You’ll need these weapons and gear to take on the next mission, including more challenging, powerful, and lethal bosses.

The hostile environment and fast attacks prepare you for what’s coming next. Once you take down the Humanoid enemy, you’ll build your courage and skills which will help you take out the next.

Elden Ring: Getting To Rykard

After defeating Juno Hoslow and completing all three contracts, players can access Rykard’s boss fight in Elden Ring. They should return to Tanith in Volcano Manor and exhaust her dialogue, which will prompt her to teleport players directly to Rykard’s location.

Juno Hoslow’s armor set is similar to Diallos’, his younger brother, as they both belong to the Hoslow House. Juno was considered more competent than Diallos, which is why he inherited the Hoslow legacy and was tasked with carrying on the family name. The Hoslow Helm’s item description states that Juno received the legacy without resistance due to his younger brother’s inability to commit to action, allowing him to shower Diallos with adoration.

The Hoslow family was known for their focus on bloodshed and brutality. Juno took over the legacy to protect Diallos, who was not as skilled in combat as his older brother. Although Juno was a renowned warrior in the Lands Between, he declined Volcano Manor’s invitation to join them against the Erdtree since he did not enjoy bloodshed. This refusal resulted in the contract to kill him.

The Bottom Line

It can be a tough challenge to beat Juno Hoslow because of his hostile nature, and the best strategy is to stay composed and await the right moment to take him out. You can kill him in different ways, using various weapons, and this guide outlines the safest and most effective methods. Use either option to learn how to beat Juno Hoslow Elden Ring and complete the Volcano Manor Quest. 

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