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How to Change Loadout in Halo Infinite

Loadouts are advantageous in any shooter game, allowing players to unlock and equip their characters with their preferred weapons. This way, they can begin their battle action with the equipment they are accustomed to and understand.

The previous Halo 4 and 5 allowed gamers to change their loadouts, and does the latest series allow players to change their load-outs? If yes, show me how to change my loadout in Halo Infinite.

Can I Change Loadouts in Halo Infinite?

It is not possible to change loadouts in Halo Infinite. Therefore, the game presents a similar starting experience for all players, as they all begin with the same essential equipment. This means you’ll use the ammunition provided in the game for the first duels. By default, each player gets an Assault Rifle and Sidekick Pistol.

The only way to change your loadout in the game is to get one for yourself. Instead of offering loadouts, Halo Infinite allows players to scan the map and hidden locations to discover various weapons and collectibles.

Halo Infinite wants to put more of your battlefield skills to the test by disabling loadouts. So instead of only taking out enemies, the game requires you to manage your crucial ammunition and strategically use them.

How to Find Weapons in Halo Infinite

The best way to customize your weapon collection is to roam around the battleground or specific spots and collect as much as possible. Each player gets a Sidekick pistol and an Assault Rifle when you launch the game. You can switch between the two. Even though they are effective, and the Assault Rifle has infinite ammunition, more powerful weapons are available.

Once you begin your adventures, you can scan the map and the fixed points where there are hidden weapons. The available ammunition is the same for all players and locations. After you collect the weapon, it takes a few cooldown seconds until it re-spawns for another player to find it.

It is easy to spot and acquire the various weapons from the racks fitted on the walls. However, these racks offer different weapons, and you can expect to have a more challenging time finding the powerful options, such as the S7 Sniper and Skewer, obtained as power drops at the center of the map.

This is the case for every match, regardless of the playlist you choose; Quick Play, Ranked Ranked Arena, or Big Team Battle. Each match contains specific, powerful weapons, which, if you acquire them, last you the entire game. These weapons are highly contested, but once you have them in your collection, you’ll be unstoppable on the battlefield.

The Best and Powerful Weapons to Look Out for in Halo Infinite

Before we look at the best ammunition to go after, it is essential to mention that Halo Infinite only allows players to carry one piece of equipment at a time. So, for instance, you’ll have to drop your Repulsor to use a Grappling Hook. However, your character can hold two grenade kinds and conveniently switch between them.

It is possible to acquire weapons and ammunition from the battlefield; however, there’s a lot more! There are various unique weapons to discover in Halo Infinite, most of which players fail to retrieve. Here are some powerful options that will make any battle easier;

  1. M41 SPNKR

Here’s an outrageous weapon that blows everything you aim it at. You can think of it as a rocket launcher. It allows two shots before the next recharge and is ideal for taking out a group of enemies.

  1. S7 Sniper

It will take a few more shots to take down an enemy in Halo Infinite than in other shooter games. A huge advantage is having a piece of equipment such as the S7 Sniper that zooms in two different directions and offers one-headshot kills. If you aren’t good at aiming, make two shots at the enemy’s body to finish them off.

  1. Skewer

The Skewer is advantageous in Big Team Battle or any other setting where vehicles are available. This weapon damages enemy vehicles with one shot if it lands.

VK78 Commando

This is among the best options if you’re looking for an accurate and powerful gun. Its AR is unique and has 20 rounds available in its magazine.

  1. Shock Rifle

Here is a weapon ideal for multiplayer modes. Once you land your shot, it releases a shocking chain to the targeted enemy, spreading to the others and causing massive damage.

  1. Heatwave

The Heatwave is ideal for short-range shooting, and its unique feature is that its bullets ricochet, killing enemies even after a bad aim.

  1. Mangler

The Mangler releases fast spikes that cause melee damage. As a result, you can take out a whole enemy army nearby or within medium range with one shot.

There are many other weapons in Halo Infinite, but these are the ones you should aim to collect.

How to Change Equipment

Halo Infinite has other ammunition and equipment, such as deployable shields, grappling hooks, and grenades. You can obtain these items by scanning floors and spotting the spawn point indicated with a triangular shape.

These equipment work in a similar manner as the weapons. Players get equal chances to find the items, and the game provides one option that you can restock and use over time.

Halo Infinite battlefields can be fierce, especially in the multiplayer modes. Therefore, it is best to try the ‘Academy’ menu, where you’ll learn the basics of the game. This way, you’ll familiarize yourself with the weapons and know when to use them effectively.

It is also good to take the Weapons drill challenge for all available options to learn about the various fire modes and additional features. There are also quick tips to make the process easier.

The Bottom Line

Loadouts give players an early advantage as they step into their first match-up. This feature is available in most shooter games but lacking in Halo Infinite, and this is because the game wants to give each player a level playing field. The only option is to begin the Halo Infinite adventure and collect and stock as many weapons, items, and ammunition as possible. 

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