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Presence of Goblins in Diablo 4: Is it Confirmed or Speculation?

Hey fellow Diablo fans, get ready to rumble with some old foes because guess what? The notorious Treasure Goblins are back in action for Diablo 4! So, get your weapons sharpened and your bags empty, because these small demons are going to steal your loot and carry it away in sacks over their shoulders. Keep reading to find out more about their mischievous antics!

Exploring the Lore of Goblins in the Diablo Universe

Treasure Goblins are small, mischievous scavengers that can be found throughout the Diablo universe. They possess grayish bodies and lizard-like heads, and are often seen carrying bags of treasure over their backs. While some old stories refer to them as the “Drunkard’s Faerie,” Treasure Goblins are demons, serving the powerful demoness Greed. They are able to enter and exit Sanctuary through magical portals, and are known for quickly collecting the loot of fallen warriors during battle. While they do not fight themselves, they are guarded by powerful Sentries and will retreat through their portals if observed during one of their hunts. Greedy adventurers should beware, as these demons aim to lure them into their realm to meet a doom of unimaginable wealth.

The Evolution of Goblins in the Diablo Franchise

Goblins have a relatively recent history in Sanctuary’s bestiary. Scholars once thought they were an indigenous species of goblins, and sightings of them increased shortly after the appearance of the Fallen Star. However, it wasn’t until Adria discovered their true nature, that they served Greed, that their identity was fully understood.

Following the Siege of Bastion’s Keep, tales of Treasure Goblins running rampant around Kehjistan’s battlefields have circulated in Sanctuary’s taverns. As their presence has become more common, so have rumors of their gold-filled “vault.” It is said that beyond a goblin’s portal, untold riches await, as well as untold horrors. Though Greed was killed by the Nephalem, Treasure Goblins continue to scuttle around Sanctuary, providing easy loot to powerful Nephalem.

Trivia about Goblins in the Diablo Universe

Treasure Goblins in the Diablo Universe have become iconic creatures that every fan knows and loves. Here are some fun trivia facts about Goblins in Diablo:

  • The idea of goblins within the Diablo setting existed as far back as the design document for Diablo 1.
  • Blizzard Entertainment staff were gifted with Treasure Goblin statues in the 2012 holiday period.
  • A Treasure Goblin prop for Xbox Live can be purchased for $5. It is referred to as the “king of bling.”
  • Treasure Goblin plushies were available at the 2014 San Diego Comic-Con, and a standard variant will be available for purchase from the Blizzard store at a later date.
  • A Treasure Goblin coin bank is on sale from ThinkGeek.
  • Treasure Goblin laughter was recorded by Seph Lawrence with some heavy sound processing.
  • During the 20th Diablo anniversary, in World of Warcraft, one could kill a Treasure Goblin to get access to a Warcraft variant of The Secret Cow Level.
  • The Treasure Goblin in Diablo 4 is nicknamed “Gary” by the developers.
  • The design and appearance of Treasure Goblins may be a reference to the 1989 game Golden Axe.

These trivia facts about Goblins are sure to excite any Diablo fan and provide a fun glimpse into the world of Sanctuary.

Treasure Goblins in Diablo Immortal and Diablo 3

Treasure Goblins are a common sight in both Diablo Immortal and Diablo 3, but with some differences between the two games.

In Diablo Immortal, Goblins appear in all zones, except for Westmarch. They don’t attack and instead try to move to a safe location while dropping a trail of gold behind them. Attacking them disrupts their portal channeling, and killing them gives the player a lot of gold, some equipment, and rarely, some gems.

On the other hand, in Diablo 3, there are five types of Treasure Goblins, each identified by color, and a unique Treasure Goblin can be found in The Unknown Depths and other zones. Treasure Goblins cannot attack players and instead flee when attacked, dropping gold and leaving a trail of coins to be traced easily. Killing them will spill their entire loot onto the floor, including potions, gold, gems, crafting materials, magical and sometimes rare armor and weapons, and a chance for a legendary item.

Overall, the mechanics of the Treasure Goblins are similar in both games, but the design and some specific details may vary.

In Conclusion

Treasure Goblins have been a beloved part of the Diablo franchise since their introduction in Diablo 3. They have made their way into Diablo Immortal and now, fans can look forward to their return in Diablo 4. With their mischievous and elusive nature, Goblins have become a staple of the Diablo universe, offering players a thrilling and rewarding challenge. Whether you’re a long-time fan or a newcomer to the series, the inclusion of Goblins in Diablo 4 is sure to add a sense of excitement and adventure to your gameplay experience.

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