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Sniper Elite 5 How to Use Rat Bomb

Is your Sniper Elite 5 rat bomb not working? The Rat bomb is a crucial weapon players need to complete the mission 4 factory kill challenge. Sniper Elite 5 requires gamers to locate the bomb and ill Ehrlich to complete the mission.

However, there are players needing help locating and using the rat bomb. If this is your case, worry not since this is the ultimate guide for Sniper Elite 5 Rat Bomb Reddit users who want to take out Ehrlich, complete the challenge, and progress to the next mission.

What Is the Sniper Elite 5 Rate Bomb?

The Rat bomb is an explosive tool similar to the crowbar or satchel weapons in Sniper Elite 5. It is a strategic weapon, and players can only use them at specific action points to take out their enemies. As the name suggests, it is shaped like a rat and easy to miss.

So, how does the Rat bomb in Sniper Elite 5 work?

This explosive weapon is ideal for making surprise enemy attacks. You can plant it at specific action points, then evacuate from the area and wait for the target to arrive. Once your target reaches the red zone area, trigger the bomb to take them out.

The Rat bomb is a crucial weapon, and all players must use it to complete one of the campaign missions. You can also use it to make sneak target attacks; knowing where to get it and how to use it strategically is essential.

Sniper Elite 5 Rat Bomb Location

All players begin the Sniper Elite 5 intense action without the Rat bomb. As they progress through the game, Sniper Elite 5 mission 4 requires them to get the bomb, available within the mission’s setting. The bomb is available at the beginning, and it is easy to miss, thanks to its rat shape.

You’ll find the Rat bomb placed on the dresser next to the resistance HQ’s exit. If you miss the bomb, there is a resistance member next to the dresser who will talk about the rat bomb. After picking the bomb, it is time for action. You will also interact with another resistance member outside the HQ who will give you more information about your target, Ehrlich.

How to Use the Rat Bomb in Sniper Elite 5

It is easy to plant and trigger the Rat bomb to carry out Ehrlich’s assassination successfully. Matthaus Ehrlich is the target, and Sniper Elite’s mission 4 requires you to use the bomb at your disposal to take him out.

Matthaus is a double agent known for his incompetence. He has fallen out with all the Germans who can’t wait for him to die and collect his equipment.

So, why use the Rat bomb to kill Matthaus Ehrlich?

Ehrlich loves shooting at rodents once he sees them. Therefore, using the Rat bomb works to your advantage, and it is the best way to take him out.

These are some of the basics Sniper Elite 5 have to understand before proceeding with the assassination mission.

It is also important to mention that the Rat Bomb can be confusing. Therefore, if you want to plant and take out Ehrlich using the Rat bomb successfully:

  1. Pick the Rat bomb from the resistance HQ’s exit.
  2. Interact with the resistance member outside the HQ to learn Mathaus Ehrlich’s location.
  3. Use your map to see the precise location of your target.
  4. Use your zipline to move to the war factory, where you’ll find your target.
  5. Stay quiet and do not engage fire with the guards. Instead, sneak around them and do not alert anyone.

Head to the storage room and plant the bomb under the shelves you’ll find.

Everything’s done, and what’s left is to leave the area and wait. Sniper Elite mission 4 requires players to use their stealth abilities to survive. If you blow your cover or alert anyone of your presence, take them out before they alert the guard. Failure to manage the situation and kill the guard brings problems since one guard can raise the alarm, and the whole unit will come for you.

After planting the bomb, all you have to do is wait. As you plant the Rat bomb, Ehrlich is in a meeting, and after he finishes the session, he’ll enter the storage room in frustration. He will then see the Rat bomb, and his habits will make him shoot at the bomb leading to his demise. There, you have completed your Sniper Elite 5 mission 4.

The Bottom Line

If you have trouble planting the required Rat bomb and completing mission 4, you know how to do it. It is effortless to take out Matthaus Ehrlich using the bomb, provided you follow the above instructions. Ensure you stay quiet and sneak around to succeed with the assassination attempt. 

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